Sammy and his sweater Vests

I think that ever since Sam and Dean moved into the bunker, they’ve been wearing the clothes that were left behind by the men of letters. Not so much for every day activities but for when they are on jobs pretending to be law enforcement. Sam has never worn a sweater vest before but he was seen in one immediately after they moved into the bunker. I just can’t imagine them wasting a ton of money on these kind of clothes. 




#it’s like you can see him falling in love in the third gif

Yeah, the tag’s meant to be funny, but no, seriously, look at Dean fall in love in the third GIF. Because Dean has this tremendous fear of abandonment, right? Everyone he’s ever loved, or allowed himself to get close to, has left him in one way or another. Mom, who abandoned him by dying. Dad, who abandoned him for the Hunt. Sam, who abandoned him for Ruby. The friends, the teachers, the mentors, the girlfriends, maybe the boyfriends too. Everybody. And it eventually got to the point where Dean started taking charge and doing the abandoning first — with Cassie, with Lisa — so that he wouldn’t be the one left behind anymore.

And then in swoops this guy, this angel of the Lord, who saves him from Hell, who saves him from Heaven, who saves him from Fate, who saves him again and again and again, and Cas saves Dean again right here, right at the nick of time — this guy who, Dean now knows, for a fact, wouldn’t leave his side even if Sam said yes and the Apocalypse came to pass and everything that could ever go wrong actually did — this guy who is (at this point in the show) demonstrably the one and only person in Dean’s entire life who will never, ever leave him — and when Dean tries to express his appreciation for that, Cas’s only explanation is, “well, duh, of course I’d be here, of course I’d get you out, of course I’d never leave you behind, because we made each other a promise, because we had an appointment”

And looking back at this and Dean’s experience with seeing Castiel still by his side in the future, with Dean witnessing Cas still so loyal to Dean, no matter what they’ve been through. Even when Cas’s grace seeped out of him, even when Cas spirals into drug abuse and depression, even when Future Dean plans on sacrificing Cas in order to possibly kill Lucifer (which I’m positive Cas was aware of because he’s not blind). Still, through all of that, Castiel remains loyal to Dean. No matter what. Cas’s loyalty and friendship with Dean, though broken and scarred, still remained a constant. And though that future never came to be for our Dean Winchester…  Dean still saw all this, felt the connection, the bond he has and would continue to have with Castiel. Dean realizes what a big influence in his life Cas is and is always going to be. And that’s why even now, in the current season, Dean is loyal to Castiel. Dean cares about Cas and refuses to give up on him, refuses to abandon their relationship even after all they’ve been through and all the mistakes Cas has made. He prays to Cas, he tells Cas that he needs him, basically that he cannot live without him, even going so far as to leave a safe haven un-warded against the danger of angels just in case Cas wishes to come home. And by home, I mean Dean. Because Dean is Castiel’s home now. Not heaven. Dean feels this bond and will never stop fighting for it.

I’m sorry, how is this not a love story?

I’d just like to interject to say this looks insanely like the atmosphere and scenery of the bridge scene in 9x10, like same lighting and long bridge like path behind Cas. I wonder if they were mirroring how so much love form the beginning blossomed so much that Dean thought he didnt want to hurt Cas by being around him anymore, so decided to say goodbye for a while in the recent episode. 


hi yes I’m under arrest


the only things i’m looking forward to in spn next week:

  • misha’s directing
  • cas in the promo for 9x18